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A Dependent Visa is a type of Visa that allows the spouses and kids to travel to an overseas country for accompanying/joining the family member with a corresponding Visa. With a dependent visa, the dependents of a lawful migrant to a nation such as spouse, dependent children or parents can live in the country. Such dependents can request a visa to join the migrant in the country.

To apply for the visa on behalf of the dependents, the person has to prove that he has enough funds to support the dependents and will not rely on state or public funds to support them. Dependents on their part will have to prove that they intend to live with the primary applicant during their time and their relationship is genuine. Children less than 18 will have to prove that they are not going to live an independent life and rely on the primary applicant for support.

The applicants need to submit documents that prove the relationship are required such as marriage certificate in case of spouse and birth certificate in case of children.

There are different documents needed for a Spouse Visa. The exact documents will depend on the nationality of the spouse and the nation of residence. Passport copy, Birth certificate, proof of relationship, police reports, etc. will be needed.

There Are Two Forms Of Dependent Visas (Temporary & Permanent):

  1. Temporary Visas for holders of the following visas: Work, intra-company transfer, Student, Fiancé
  2. Permanent Visas are for spouses or children below the age of 18-21 years old : Immigration dependents

Spouse/partners on temporary Dependent Visas are granted limited work rights based on their visa validity in most countries, except the US. Permanent Residence Visas granted to dependents have the right to live, study and work for as long as they live as permanent residents.

In order to bring families together, countries across the world offer dependent visas with various facilities. Typically, these visas allow you to bring your immediate family abroad through a short process which focuses mainly on your financial ability.

Usually dependent visas allow successful applicants to:

  1. Stay in the country they are applying to under the sponsorship of their relative
  2. Work or study in some cases
  3. Travel in that country

Countries all over the world have different criteria when it comes to dependent visa solutions and as such, there is no homogeneous eligibility criteria. However, the following criteria are usually common:
  1. Applicants must have a valid passport
  2. The sponsor must have adequate financial resources to support the dependents
  3. Work and income proof of the sponsor
  4. Medical examination and evidence of adequate insurance for dependents
  5. Filled application with enclosed fee

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Our support includes:

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  4. Visa Interview Preparation – if required
  5. Updates & Follow-up with the Consulate
  6. Concierge services
  7. Assistance with biometric services if required