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Having an experience abroad is seen as indispensable for a student’s resume. More and more students decide to take their studies in a different country. It has been long since universities started to realise the importance of internationalization and the potential it has for both universities and students alike. Choosing where to study abroad is probably the most important decision that students make in their lifetime. There are many details to put into consideration when choosing your study destination. Choosing your subject area can be relatively easy, consider choosing the area you are interested in, or have prior experience in.

So how do you choose where to study?
You should think about the next set of questions when deciding where to study:

  • What language do you want to study in?
  • What form of education are you looking for?
  • How tough will it be to get a visa?
  • What are the University entry conditions?
  • Which destinations are more cheaper?
  • Are there opportunities for employment after study?
  • Will culture shock be a issue?