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We Instilling The Love of Travelling

At Ruhe global resources we introduce your students to educational tours to world Renowned School in different cities around the world. Whatever course the student which to study or is studying from science to Humanities, RGR will create an amazing educational tour experience that will not only leave the student with a sense of achievement but also give them a good start to think outside of the box to achieve great things in their field of study.

We will arrange an exceptional educational school tours from initial concept to departure day. At the end of the tour we will prepare a debrief to ensure our educational travel tours continue to meet the high standards expected.
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Benefits Of Educational Tour

The learning becomes more delightful through travels and the students have a wider understanding of the world. Some students might even acknowledge their passion for knowing more about countries and different way of live and turn it into a successful career in life
When students go on an educational tour they will interact with people from different cultures, not only will they learn about different value and prospective, but they will also learn about different aspect of social relation like local dishes or quality topic of discussion
During our educational tour, the students experience the variation of different cultures. During the educational tour, we participate in volunteering or mixing up with people from socio- economic backgrounds. These experiences help the students to develop a conception on how the economy of a country is run, what improvement is needed and what are the scopes for development
An educational tour far from your residence and place of learning promotes independence, authority skills and communication skills. Most students will understand how to surpass the hurdles of language and understand how to talk to people across boundaries. The educational tour experiences will also make the student to become self-reliable and build up values and priorities that will help them in life in the future. Travel also makes most students build up strong personalities.
Going on an educational tour brings about the best informal arrangement for an interactive discussion. The most productive tools for education are group- discussion. A student’s interest in his or her studies can be reactivated during group studies. Real life experiences like going to the science museum, museum of history, factory visit are extremely amusing during an educational tour
You care to Travel Round the World? Let's make it happen
World class Customer experience
What Ruhe Global Resources Can Do For You
RUHE Global Resources Ltd
  • We will exceed your expectation: Customer experience is the most major part of everything we do. Every move we make is based on making sure our client is satisfied. We also make sure it is as perfect as possible
  • We always travel responsibly: we collaborate with local partners to make sure where we are going is safe and free from all problems. We carefully research each destination we are going to avoid any problems during the educational tour
  • We strive to be innovative and aim to be perfect: At Ruhe global resources, we value innovation and perfection in all areas we work. We aim to find the perfect way to do new things.
  • We are with you throughout the journey: We pay attention to every details of our tour before you book to make sure that there are no complications. We look at every smallest detail so that your tour will be worthwhile for you so that you will end your tour with an experience you will never forget
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