If you are looking for a different way of bringing your students’ studies to life, we have a range of educational tours abroad which can help to enhance your pupil’s studies, expand their horizons and broaden their knowledge while gaining a valuable cultural experience participating in a fun school trip. Our packages are tailor-made to your requirements, although we do have a few ideas of our own to give you some inspiration. We can organise any of the tours we have designed, adapt them to your needs or create a whole new programme for you.

These tours can be hugely beneficial for schools to offer their students, either generally to encourage student’s learning and development or specifically for advanced students looking to increase their intelligence and broaden their wider knowledge and excel in their studies.

We have a range of educational programmes designed for your benefit

The tours offer a huge benefit to many students. For younger groups, it is an opportunity to visit a foreign country, explore a different culture and encourages them to aspire to a prestigious, international career. Older students will see it as a practical application of things they may have studied previously in the classroom. It can help bring subjects to life and may encourage them to continue their studies on to degree level. For the very brightest students, it offers an opportunity to expand their studies and meet new concepts and ideas which they might not see at home.

The tours are unique, tailor-made to the requirements of the group. We have a wide range of pre-designed options, or a tour can be designed and arranged specifically for your needs.