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In terms of precedence, processing your flights and getting your visa should be number 1 on the list. At its simplest, the process is pretty much what I outlined above, and when you’re booking flights for your travels while abroad, there isn’t much more you have to consider. Most airlines will allow you to check two suitcases with no charge on an international flight. Moreover, for some people, you may have to check a third bag and that can be costly. There isn’t really a way around this – just be aware of what the costs are, and compare airlines as there’s a chance some might charge you even for a second bag. The start date of the semester is usually set in stone, so there’s no question when you’ll need to be there. The end of the semester is a different story. When you first book your flight, coordinate your return flight with the last day of exams. Exam periods can last up to two weeks at most universities, so unfortunately, you may not know your finals schedule until mid-semester at the earliest. While I would stay as long as possible, if you’re done at the beginning of the first week, you may not want to. Some airlines will charge you more to change your return date, others might do it free of charge. Also, you never know what might pop up during your semester or year that would require you to change your flight home. You can also consider not booking a return flight until once you’ve started your semester and can get a feel for what the rest of your schedule will be like
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At Ruhe global resources we assist our client to process their flight ticket to and fro their university abroad. We special in choosing a great and safe airline through our years of experience.
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