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Globally Tested & Certified Centre

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A decision to run IELTS training with Ruhe Global Resources (RGR) can save you from many future regrets if you want to study abroad. You cannot save your money better or invest any more than to take that step of training with us. For years we have continued to pride in the results of those who have trained with us. We can boldly say we are one of the best trainers you can encounter for the IELTS training. Make sure you do not waste your money today, get our  IELTS training today and feel the competence. Let us take a glance through the various ways you can be assured we are one of the bests.

Globally Tested & Certified Centre

Why Run IELTS Training with RUHE Global Resources

We are willing to show you the ways to attempt IELTS questions during our IELTS training to make you stand out and we ensure your proper understanding.
We offer both physical and online classes therefore, you have a chance of choosing a preferred mode for your IELTS training.
At Ruhe Global Resource, we can help you book your IELTS examination without charging you for this. This is a bonus to those who train with us.
our teachers have undergone rigorous training for this course and are ready to impart you with strategies that will make the exam easier for you to attempt and be sure of an appealing result.
we ensure that you receive a worthy service for the course you have paid. We go all the way to make sure our services are vital and worth it.
Long lists of students who have trained with us have recorded a success level above 7.0 band score.
Each of our class session comes along with enough practical to ensure and monitor the improvement of candidates who train with us.
we also make sure students get critical reason to their assessment scores so that they will know when they are on the right track.
when you come to Ruhe Global Resources, we assess you so that we will know your personal strengths and weaknesses so that we can emphasize on boosting your weakness positively while improving your strengths.
Our classes are intentionally designed with enough details to make the learning process better and conducive.

Provision of Workbooks:
Furthermore, you are provided with work books particularly designed to enhance your training and competence.

Extra Time Classes:
For candidates who have busy schedules, Ruhe Global Resources has created pathways for extra time classes at their discretion.

Record of Candidates Improvements:
We keep track of the individual improvement of our students.
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Cost of Training with
RUHE Global Resources

The training fees of Ruhe Global Resources vary as a result of various criteria. Each week of Training has three days of lesson which are: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Numbers of WeeksCosts (₦)
One Week15,000
Two Weeks25,000
Three Weeks40,000

However, Ruhe Global Resources provide discounts for candidates who come in pairs. For a pair of two people the fees include:

Numbers of WeeksCosts (₦)
One Week25,000
Two Weeks40,000
Three Weeks60,000

Online classes and Extra time classes costs an extra fee of ₦10,000 (ten thousand naira).

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