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News getting to me reports that you could not attend our last Free weekend IELTS class in Abuja because you thought it was not real. Afterall,who gives freebies in Naija. Story for another day.

Have you not heard that the best things in life are Free!!!!! Oh yes! ours is definitely the best. Quit doubting !!! shebi it is free at no cost to you!!!! Not sure why you won’t attend sha.

Just Attend and tell others, we are happy.

Don’t be like those that doubted , found out it is real and now our inbox is almost filled up with request for one more free class.

We are even getting emails that reads” when are you guys having the next one, I got the information late, when will the lagos one happen,i am not in Abuja , i travelled , i live in Cameroon, Togo,Ghana and lots more but i will like to benefit from this “

You asked for it now you have it.

Be like Emeka

Emeka is a medical practitioner that wants to pass IELTS for PLAB like most of you , he attended our classes and he scored 8.0 courtesy of Ruhe Expert Tutors. Check our facebook reviews to see emeka’s comment and others from our last free class HERE

Attend our class , pass your IELTS test and thank us on social media.

After all it free. who no like awoof!!!

Before you say i did not mentions the details see below;

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