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Solution to Visa fee Payment Problems in Nigeria

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We have been notified of the payment declined issues with CANADA VISA FEES,UK Visa fee payment and also IHS payment issues. For applicants going for study, both IHS FEES (NHS surcharge)  payment and visa fees payment are applicable. While other categories of visa such as visitors visa are required to pay visa fee only. Whichever the payment is, the problem of payment declined has persisted due to several reasons.   This has frustrated many and caused people to abandon their application. This are the possible reasons for the payment issues:

Most visa fees are charged in US Dollars and the payment gateway are configured to debit in USD. We are all aware of the dollar scarcity in Nigeria, this has led to many banks to disable Dynamic currency conversion (DCC). In simple word, you can no longer pay dollars with your Naira Master/Visa Card. Some banks still allow payment with Naira but their limit is too low and not sufficient enough to pay the said fees.

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Visa fee Payment Service

The Solution

If you are being faced with the payment decline issue, here is some workaround you can use to successfully pay the fees:

All banks give credit/Debit card that is funded with Dollars, but you need to have a dollar account with the bank to be able to apply for it. Assuming you already have dollar account created for you at your bank, simply request for a credit/debit card linked to the account. Now buy dollars locally and deposit into the dollar account. Then use the card to make payment.
If you don’t have a foreign bank account, you can seek the help of friends living abroad and they can pay for you.
This last solution is to relieve our students and any interested person from the cost of opening a dollar domiciled bank account and the high fees associated with dollar card maintenance from Nigerian banks, we have a launched service of paying for visa fee for whoever is interested. Since we began, over 450+ applicants have been paid for and you only pay us the naira equivalent before we can successfully pay for your application. To use our service please make sure you have filled your application as extra charges apply if you need our assistance to complete your application. Note that payment is instant and you will see that payment is successful in your email within 5 minutes.
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Our Account Details

Name: Ruhe Global Resources | Bank: GT Bank | Account Number: 0169709474
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