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There are more than 80 pathways to immigrate to Canada! At RUHE Global Resources, We offer a wide range of immigration & employment solutions. Our team of experts assist individuals, families, students  and businesses navigate the various legal, regulatory, and government requirements surrounding the process of immigrating to Canada. Our goal is to provide seamless and efficient visa application processes and other immigration supports with unmatched RGR customer experience.

We assist both individuals and corporate clients with recruitment, placement and relocation, and Foreign Nationals and their families with their Temporary and Permanent immigration needs. 

Studying In Canada

Studying in Canada today is associated with a world-wide prestige due to their excellent academic; this is because the Universities in Canada are known for an outstanding academic system. Top ranked universities cannot be mentioned without a slot for Canada, the country is also believed to be the most educated nation in the world since more than half of its population are educated. There are many reasons why international students usually choose Canada as a destination of study amongst other locations.

Why Study In Canada?

As mentioned earlier, the quality of education in Canada is one of its distinguishing factors. When a student graduates from a University in Canada, it is seen as a sign of excellence due to the rigorous education method employed in Canada.
The tuition fees of most Canadian Universities are fairly cheap and affordable for international students. International students are also provided platforms which can award full or part scholarship.
Canada also opens it arms to diverse students and people from other country. Over five million international students school in Canada thus creating a friendly atmosphere to diverse cultures. Furthermore, International students enjoy same rights as Canadian students.
Studying in Canada also gives international students up to 20 hours every week so that they can work and earn while schooling. This will enable international students not to be stranded and to be able to afford their basic needs. The study
permit is enough to gain a job for an international student in Canada, there is no need for any prior qualifications
Canada is a peaceful territory and safe for international students. The country is considered one of the most peaceful nations in the world with a low crime rate and racism.
International students in Canada are
given a platform to practice for a while after their study. This will give them experience after their study years.
Another outstanding feature of Studying in Canada is the system’s focus on research and development. The Canadian government provides a platform to support research especially in the medical, telecommunication, agriculture,
environmental science and technology field.
After your study, you are given three
more years to work in Canada and gain more experience; you can apply for permanent residency later on.


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Cost Study In Canada

The cost of living in Canada differs based on various criteria such as: the institution, the program, student’s individual lifestyle and regional location. However, there is an estimate of the costs international students should expect. RUHE Global Services provide a wide range of flexible fee and payment options to make it easy for our clients to afford and pay for professional immigration services.

As earlier stated, the tuition fee in Canada is very affordable in comparison to many countries. An annual estimate to cover tuition is an average between C$20,000 and C$30,000 (Canadian dollar). The tuition cost is different based on the institution and program. Below is a table reflecting the tuition fees of various programs for international students from 2019-2020.
The cost of housing generally depends on your location and lifestyle. The type of accommodation also varies including: student residence, home stay and off campus housing. However a two bedroom flat costs an average of $1,577 per month.
The transportation cost depends on the distance of where you live to the campus; you might just need to walk or bike. In larger cities though, students choose a public transportation like: buses, subways, trains or ferries. A monthly public transportation fare would range from $80-$150.

Application Requirements

Certain documents are mandatory for the application process into a Canadian University. These documents include:

Acceptance letter sent by the school confirming your acceptance. Proof of Financial support (bank statement).
Identification documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate and International passport)
Any other documents the visa office recommended when you apply
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