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Why Study in the UK with Us?

For many years UK universities have consistently and continuously ranked as one of the highest in global university ranking (QS rankings) with good reputations for teaching and research with the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) standard of the UK. It will interest you to know that many of the world’s best academics teach at UK universities. So Wherever in the world you go, UK degree is still one of the best degrees recognized by employers, universities, and governments and this makes UK one of the easiest country to study in for most international student.
If you wish to get a high level of quality education then getting a degree from one of the Universities in the UK will aid your career path.

Benefit of Studying in the UK

UK is the home of English hence an ideal place to enhance employment prospects and develop your language skills. Its also the best fit for Nigerians as you will not have issues with language barrier.
UK Universities offers you the flexibility of choice and enable you to blend vocational and academic courses of your choice.
Freedom to develop skills sets, be creative and develop confidence
Qualifications are internationally valued and recognized globally.
Degrees in the UK can be tailored to meet student’s interests with specialized modules
Student gets to benefit from their constant academic support
An opportunity to be taught by some of the world’s leading academics experts

Applying for a Student Visa

You must apply for a Student Visa before you leave your country of residence. If you fail to do this, you risk being turned back to your country at arrival and you must have all the supporting documents and information.

Generally, you will need the following to be able to apply for a student visa You must have been enrolled and accepted in a recognized full-time degree program

You must have been enrolled for a course that runs during the wееk involving at lеаѕt 15 hours of organized daytime study each week.
A full-time course at an independent fee-paying school
You must show proof that you will be able to pay for your course and support yourself while you live in the UK even without needing any help or working.
Evidence that you must follow your chosen course
And an assurance that you must leave the UK when you complete your studies.


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Visa Form

Kindly  fill our online visa form to start your visa processes.

As an international student you need to apply for a Student visa before you can Go to school, and Ruhe Global Resources helps you with this process.


Study Cost in UK

Here you get a guide on what cost you are likely to incur why you prepare for your career in the UK. As always, study cost in the UK can vary depending on what part of the country you are planning to study. At RUHE Global Resources, we ensure you get the most affordable and flexible tuition for your course of study in the UK.

Living expenses in the UK varies if you are in London or outside London. Lining expenses in London is 1,250 pounds while Outside of London is 1,023 pounds. How much you are going to spend on living expenses depends on the type of lifestyle you have been living back in your home country. We endeavour to give the best of advice on how you can appropriately plan your living expenses to suit your budget.
Depending on the University of Study in the UK, the fee varies with even some scholarship. The tuition fee for most school’s ranges from 10,000 pounds and above per year. And Russell group Universities (Top 24 universities in the UK) in the UK have a way higher tuition fee than others.

Working in the UK

As an international student studying the UK, you can take a part-time job alongside your studies. Students are usually assigned to an employer to gain first-hand experience of the workplace, in a role linked to your course and career aspirations. Others do a work placement or internship as part of their course on a work placement or internship.

How many hours you can work and the kind of work you can do depends on your visa status and where you study. Most International students come to the UK to study with a Student visas which can enable a student to work while they are studying in the UK. Many students can work up to 20-hours during term time and full-time during hоlіdауѕ, dереndіng on your study level.
A student with this kind of visa can work during their studies and when they are on holidays. Also, a student can do a work placement as part of their course but are not allowed to take up part-time or full-time job in the UK if they are publicly funded.
It is mandatory for students to check if their visa status will allow them to take any job or internship, please check that your visa status allows you to work in the UK, and if so, how many hours you can work per week.

You can contact us to help you with further information.
Just as you have it in USA students who complete a degree program in the UK can apply for a 2year visa extension without having to obtain a work permit this is to allow them to gain work experience in the UK.

Preparation for Your Study

This is the first step in your preparation to study in the UK. Ruhe global resources offers the best education consultancy services to our client. The client will be required to speak to the consultant who would have him look at all the factors necessary for studying in the UK before making a decision. Factors to be considered should include: proposed course of study, preferred university, budget, accommodation, university requirements and others. After these factors have been considered, it will then be decided if an international exam would be required from the institution of choice.
Here the client has identified the international exam he is sitting for and commence preparation. At RUHE Global Resources we offer quality tutorial classes with highly qualified teachers trained specially for this purpose. Our classes comprise of both theory and practical aspect of the exam. We also make use of our distinguished workbook that help students practice and internalized what they’ve been taught and aid them to obtain an excellent grade.
Ruhe Global Resources also specialises on application processing. After the client and ascertained the school and course he is going for, Ruhe global resources can be contracted for application processing to the UK. We would apply to various universities in the UK and ensure that client would be granted an unconditional admission for the desired course. During this process, we will edit clients CV, Personal statement, and guarantee that admission is not denied.
When the admission letter is issued, students are expected to pay their tuition deposit. RUHE Global Resources can help client pay tuition fee. After which the CAS is Issued.
The most important document for your travel and study in the UK is your student visa. You need to plan ahead and know exactly the category of visa issued to you, the type of visa you possess also determine if you can work as a student while studying. Ruhe global resources help and aid client in processing the appropriate visa that can allow you to study and work. When we are done with the visa, we help you to book the flight at a suitable time for the study.
You need to make temporary accommodation arrangement before your arrival at the UK. Fortunately, we can help and assist you to get a temporary accommodation pending your arrival before you opt for a permanent accommodation. Once you we find accommodation for you, we will send you the address to confirm the address and date when you are expected. We also ensure that you will be picked up and settled in your accommodation before classes. We have an agent in the UK that will give you a tour and further help you with your clearance. Our agent will also intimate you on the school system and how it works.
Our international office offers supports for our student’s non-Financial need. All in all, RUHE Global Resources is your one stop to an amazing academic experience in the UK.
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