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Study Abroad in Dubai

Why Dubai?

The pulsating and vibrant city beautiful and exotic city of Dubai, recognized for its desserts and architectural appearance, has turned up as an education hub of late and offers lucrative career opportunities. It is one of the most desired after destinations for universities studies with a blend of cultures in one location. Away from the glamour and glitz of the city, it has the foundation of academic excellence along with reputed institutes. It is a very safe and modern country and offers a good choice of programs for international students. Dubai is one of the fastest economies in the world and offers excellent job opportunities. Dubai’s culture is built upon by an avid Arabian descent and this makes the city to be a huge tourist location, making it one of its centres of high revenue for the country. The city has a high level of luxurious and extravagant lifestyle and definitely attracts foreign visitors who come into the country all year round. According to Wikipedia, a million visitors visit Dubai each year to experience its luxurious lifestyle. The climate of the UAE most populous city is a subtropical desert that have winter, and summer in the right proportions.

There are different types of means of transportation in Dubai and depending on your pocket size. Some of these means are; bus, taxi, renting of a car and through the Dubai metro, the automated, driverless railway system. This brings about a great budget system for people as you won’t spend much depending on the means of transportation you opt for. The city is very safe for learning and this definitely draws in international students to choose Dubai as a study abroad option. With its fast growing economy, students can get a job after their studies at any company of their interest or discipline. While still studying, students can also get internships although, they are not paid, but the work experiences obtained are great for their future career.

International students studying in Dubai are not permitted to work while they study without a work permit which allows them to legally get paid jobs in the city, but for local students who are citizens, they are allowed to study and work are granted a 6 hours per day opportunity to work while they study and this is in line with the labour law in the UAE.
Some universities in Dubai provide on-campus jobs to students where they can work in different sections of the school and get paid as well. Although the students can only work in Universities if the student meets some of the benchmarks required in working on-campus. The most common benchmark been; the student must be involved in a full time undergraduate degree program and must have a minimum GPA of 2.2. During their study journey, they are permitted to work up to 15 hours per week but when on academic breaks, the students can work up to 40 hours per week.

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Study Abroad in Dubai

Cost of Studying in Dubai

Dubai is seen as the commerce centre and the international trading hub in the Asian and Arab world, in recent times are also striving to make its education world class. The cost of tuition fee in Dubai is relatively low and this makes it a good study abroad option for international students. The study expenses for undergraduate program in Dubai range from 37500 AED to 70000 AED and the same for Master’s program in Dubai ranges from 55000 to 75000 AED. Although, the cost of living in Dubai is on a high side, since the city is very luxurious. Therefore as a foreign student who wants to come to the UAE to study, you must plan for your general living expenses such as accommodation and other expenses. The cost of living in Dubai varies depending upon your lifestyle as well as location. It ranges from 3000 AED to 4000 AED monthly. These are the areas where you are likely to spend more money and not on the tuition fee. Accommodation in Dubai is of two types; off-campus and on-campus.

The on-campus accommodation is relatively on the cheaper side when compared to the off-campus type of accommodation but, the on-campus slots are always quick to be exhausted. There is also private accommodation which comes with all the luxury but as an international student, who wants to survive through your duration of program, private accommodation is not always a top pick, you may try out the shared apartments for off-campus.
After sourcing the accommodation of your choice, other expenses which you must put into consideration are food, entertainment, transportation and books. Although these do not take as much money as in the case of accommodation, they also will require a monthly budget to help you stay on course. Dubai has a safe learning environment for students with great career opportunities at the end of the study, but a work permit will be required to work as an international student or foreigner.

Cost of Living and Studying in Dubai
Dubai Work Visa Requirements

Financial Requirement

Generally, before you can work in the UAE, you need to obtain a work permit from the ministry of labour and this will authorize you to work in any sector in the country. Dubai is one of such cities that accommodates and welcomes international students from all around the world to come and study. With its fast-growing economy, one of the best in the Asian world, it possesses great career growth and work opportunities for students. Working and studying in Dubai is now easier to accomplish since the labour law has been amended to allow international students to work for up to 15 hours per week either for a full-time or part-time job. Since the living lifestyle in Dubai is on the high side, this is then the major challenge of most international students which makes them get small jobs to assist them financially.

Some of the requirements needed to obtain a work visa in Dubai are listed below;

Work application form
Emirates ID card
Passport (original and photocopies)
Valid company card
Medical and health checkup certificate
Entry permit issued by the ministry of labour
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