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Study and Live in Finland

Study In Finland

When the discussion of top-quality education starts, Finland is one of the top most countries that comes to mind. A Nordic country with a total population of 5.54 million in 2020, Finland has triumphed in not only keeping up with educational advancement, but also shinning at setting a global standard. Finland is a member of the European Union and have up to 35 higher education institutions, Finland is a good pick for international students who wants to study in Europe. Finland is a country where equality is held high and where knowledge and lifelong learning are highly valued, Finland offers a great social setting to encourage your education and personal growth.

International student living in Finland can testify that living is enhanced by the convenience offered by high-level infrastructure and technology, the security of staying and schooling in one of the safest countries in the world, and the enjoyment made by nature with four definite seasons.

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Finland is one of the most environmentally conscious nations in the world, and as a result, almost every finnish people is participating in ways to be eco-friendly. Being a student in Finland has many benefits. From high-tech labs to well-stocked libraries, university campuses are provided with all the resources that knowledge-hungry students need. A degree from one of the world-quality Finnish higher education institutions is your natural first step to making the way for a great career in your field, whether it be academia or more practical sectors.

Finland’s higher education institutions are internationally-minded and there have over 400 English-speaking degree programmes available across the country. Universities in Finland are highly state-funded, the institutions offer top quality teaching that is accessible to all. Campuses in Finland have natural settings with high-tech facilities for all students to enjoy.

Study and Live in Finland

Why Study In Finland?

Finland is a human-scaled, cosy country, with cities and towns made for people, and mostly not for cars. Rush-hours hardly exist in Finland. Our higher education institutions are small enough to work functionally and effectively. They are all internationally situated with special regional qualities, and you can pick from different study environments fluctuating from larger urban campuses to close-to-nature campuses. Higher education institutions are highly independent, but highly financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Therefore the Ministry also track the quality of teaching.

These efficiently managed institutions:

  • React to the demands of society, and business and industry in their curricula and teaching
  • Produce a wide scope of first-rate programmes in English for exchange and degree students at all levels of education
  • Provide transferable skills to their students on which they can raise their future in academic fields and in the job market.

The most necessary concept in Finland is trust and openness, and getting networked at an advance phase is the Finnish way. Here you can start getting linked up with other international and Finnish students, organisations, and the working world already whilst learning your first courses.

Study in Finland

Most times these networks and friendships last for the rest of your life.
Over 400 Study Programmes in English: Countless English-speaking degree programmes are taught in Finnish institutions. Starting from brief courses as a part of an exchange programme or full degrees, you can seek for study opportunities across all fields of education.
High Quality in research and education: Excellence on all levels of education is been focused on by our national policy and Finnish institutions place great value on quality research and innovation. Almost all the students in Finland regard higher education degrees as a necessary step for establishing a strong starting point for their future careers profession. Finnish students are highly motivated to study thanks to their basic education and national entrance exams. contrast in most countries, students also have a real influence on the quality of education. There is legislation in place that allows them extraordinary impact in developing their institutions and studies together with their teachers.

Excellent facilities for work and fun learning at one of the higher education institutions in Finland comes with many advantages. Well-supplied libraries offer pleasant spaces for productive study hours. In Finland, all students have the right to utilize the institutions libraries willingly with a library card. As well as well stocked libraries, all higher education institutions make provision their students free access to the internet. Also, urban library services are open to all, and the essential amenity are normally free of charge. Cafés and common areas are busy social centers where friends interact during study breaks. Various student clubs and organizations offer activities and outings for many contrasting areas of interest. Sports facilities are mostly available and used by international and local students alike. A Well-organised country A solid infrastructure allows all of the public and private services to function smoothly. All registered persons living in Finland can rely on any of these services such as transportation, public and student healthcare, police and rescue services. Assistance with any of these services is always available and the opinions of the residents are valued. Our banking services are among the best in the world: advanced, innovative and easy to use.

Study and Live in Finland

Tuition fees and scholarships

Students from outside Europe in Finland are made to pay for tuition fees in English-taught Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. The universities also gives out scholarship options given to non-EU/EEA students admitted to study any degree programmes with tuition fees.

Every university has its own fee and scholarship system, but the annual fees vary between 5.000€ and 18.000€.

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Study and Live in Finland

Finland Facts and Figures:

  • Language: Finnish & Swedish
  • Capital: Helsinki
  • Population: 5.5 million
  • Area size: 338,440 km2
  • Academic year: August to July
  • Currency: Euro
    Calling code: +358
    Time zone: GMT +3

Living In Finland:
Finns are companionable and helpful people who make reliable and trustworthy friends. As a student living and studying in Finland, you will get to experience the free and easy lifestyle that comes along with the high worth of living.

Cost of Living:
A student normal average monthly living expenses in Finland are approximately 700–900 EUR. This may be a bit different, depending on your study area in Finland – for example, housing and other living costs may be higher in the Helsinki metropolitan area and other cities.
Student housing  in Finland, for both exchange and degree students, is usually set up by well known student housing foundations. Many towns and municipalities also have dormitories maintained by the municipal community or the educational institution.
Public transport is very arranged in Finland, and students receive an outstanding discount that makes commuting affordable. Having your own car is not essential while living in the big urban cities in Finland.
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