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Located in the center of Europe, Poland is one of the largest and most congested countries in the region – ninth largest in Europe by area, and sixth in the European Union (EU) by population. Poland has seen a strong economic growth in the past years, particularly since joining the EU in 2004; in the middle of the economic crisis of 2009, Poland was the only European nation to report economic expansion.
With a history far back as over a thousand years, Poland’s cultural heritage is astonishingly rich. This involves its longstanding traditions in the higher education sector, with the first university in Poland founded in the 14th century. Today, Poland is becoming an increasingly popular study destination, with about 72,000 international students making Poland their study location there in 2017/18 and it is one of the easiest country to study in for international students.
For lot of those who pick Poland to study, the country’s appeal is increased by its relatively low living costs, which remain less than those of most EU members. University fees are also relatively affordable, also no more than US$4,180 at public universities, and US$6,600 at private institutions.