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The United States of America (USA or US) is the number one destination for international students seeking higher education abroad. Today, about 30 percent of all current international students in the world are studying in the United States with a total population of international students in US running over 1,000,000. Although US remain the world’s most popular destination for international students, it is one of the most expensive choices.

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The United States can boast about having the world’s finest education system. Qualifications from the US are recognised and associated with prestige all over the world. The schools in US are properly equipped to meet educational standards. Students studying at undergraduate, masters and PhD levels regularly get the opportunity to work with and learn from some of the finest researcher in the world.
: Due to the fact that USA has a good reputation, many companies are very willing to employ young people with US degree. It offers you a competitive edge in the job market. During your study period, you will also have the opportunity to gain experience in your field of study through the Optional Practical Training Program.
Moving to a new country can be lonely, intimidating or frightening sometimes; the US has a way of tackling this through its support systems to help students adjust comfortably to life in USA. This service helps transition of international students into their new environment. American colleges and universities strive to provide students with resources and support they need throughout that stage of their life.
The US is leading worldwide in terms of technology and scientific techniques and provides equal resources to students. This is to acquaint students with the latest fields of science, engineering and other related fields thereby producing top researchers especially in these fields.
The US is a multicultural environment which you can easily adapt to. You can find little neighbourhoods that will remind you of where you are from and you will feel less like a stranger in little time. You can easily overcome culture shock in USA.
The universities’ campus in USA encourages you to socialise and make friends thereby experiencing new interesting lifestyles. You can meet people from all corners of the world on a daily basis and get to know about more cultures. You will probably have lifelong connections from diverse countries.
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Cost of Studying In USA

We support our clients to achieve their dreams of studying and relocating abroad with our payments and financial packages for both students and families.

Average fees at US Universities


Public two-year College

Public four year colleges (instate)

Public four year colleges (out-state)

Private non-profit four year colleges

Tuitions and other fees





Room and board





Total (per year)






Estimated Costs of Transportation and other Living Expenses:

$17,930 (community college).
$25,890 (in-state students at a four-year public college).
$41,950 (out-of-state students at a four-year public college).
$52,500 (private non-profit-year college).


This visa is for students traveling for academic program or English language program. It is the most common form of student visa in the US. F1 students must maintain the minimum course load for full time student status. It also allows for part-time students on-campus employment for less than 20 hours in a week. Additionally, students can work for up to one year after completion of their studies.
): Is issued to students who travel to USA to obtain practical training that is not available in their home country to complete their academic program. It allows for similar employment as F1 Visa.
Is issued to a student going to attend a non-academic or vocational school. M1 Visa applicants are not permitted to work during their course of study. M1 students must provide a proof of sufficient funds to pay all tuition and living cost for the entire period of their intended stay.


• Acceptance letter of the school to apply for F1 visa. • Check whether the university you applied for requires an enrolment fee to secure your spot there. •Transcript or records of grades (high school and/or university. •Resume/ CV. •Proof of English language proficiency (IELTS Academic, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic or C1 Advanced). •Test Scores (SAT, ACT, GRE or GMAT). • Statement of Purpose/ Personal Statement. • Application fee. • Writing Sample. • Passport photo.
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