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What is a Summer School?

A summer school is a school or school session conducted in the summer enabling students to accelerate progress toward a diploma or degree, to make up credits lost through absence or failure, or to round out professional education. The students usually stay at the place where the summer school is being held. During June – September period, classes at universities and most higher education establishment are always on break. Classes usually last from one to two months. Summer schools are not compulsory for students and no student will be under any pressure to attend them.

Reasons to Attend Summer Schools

There are list of benefits when a student attend summer school, especially for foreign students:

Most students choose to take part in summer schools to learn a whole different skill or subject that is closely related to their course or is not even related!
Most summer schools offer non-academic courses which enables you to broaden your capability and experience. Most times summer schools don’t have to be attended when you want to start your degree, you can attend one between your course study terms.
Attending summer schools are also a great time for foreign students to settle in a new environment that will be their new place of residence for a couple of weeks. Settling in a new country may be hard for a new student. There are different ways of life, food, people, weather and music to adapt to. By going to summer school, you can adapt to your new country without the stress of your university workload. Getting familiar with your environment before school resumes can do wonders for a student
Be it English language, science courses, computer science or any commercial subjects, summer school will surely help to improve a student academically. Students will attend classes taught by different teachers with different method of teaching.
Good educative curriculum taught at summer schools ensure students will have the opportunity to take part in activities they have never taken part in before, enabling them to uncover and develop skill sets they had never seen before. They will also advance their leadership skills, understanding what it is to work as a group, to study as a group and to assist you group mate.
Attending international summer school will provide the avenue to meet, communicate and become friends with other students from different countries, race, religion and cultures. This will increase a student knowledge about understanding, respect, compassion and racial awareness. We are careful to ensure that the students meet other student that comes from as many different nationalities.
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How Do I Apply for Summer School?

There are so many summer schools’ countries like the UK, United States and so on that are great for international students. Here at Ruhe Global Resources, we can discuss what you want and search and suggest a summer school that would be beneficial for you. Contact us now at Ruhe global resources to see what we got to offer now!

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