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At Ruhe Global Resources, we train candidates not just to attempt the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination but also to enter with a confidence of being successful and attaining it. You can take TOEFL training with us at Ruhe Global Resources and be assured of the best possible result. There are numerous benefits why we should be the top choice for your TOEFL training.

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Assured Of The Best Possible Result

Why Ruhe Global Resources for your TOEFL training and Examination?

Ruhe Global Resources equips you with adequate knowledge to exceed the score needed in your TOEFL examination. Our training classes are supported by continuous practical and assessments for effective learning. We acknowledge individual differences thus providing various preferred modes of knowledge transfusion to students. At Ruhe Global Resources, your intellectual growth is our concern so we follow up with critical feedbacks to increase your chances of a higher TOEFL score. We have created a platform to cover every type of students’ personal schedule. Every learning starts from the environment this is why we at Ruhe Global Resources have created a favourable environment and means to every type of student. As a bonus of training with us, you do not have to pay an extra fee when we register the examination for you.

How Much Does TOEFL Training Cost?

The training fees of Ruhe Global Resources vary as a result of various criteria. Each week of Training has three days of lesson which are: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Number of Weeks

Physical Classes

Online Classes or Extra Time Schedule Classes

One Week



Two Weeks



Three Weeks



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