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College placements are related course work experiences during your course of study. They come in form of extended internships or assignments that concern practical work experience. During a work placement, you will perform similar tasks to what usual workers do. College placements usually give students an opportunity to learn something from a practical work environment and also contribute to that environment within the stipulated time frame.
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Types Of College Placements

RUHE Global Resources - Types Of College Placements

This type of college placement allows recruitment activities to be held on campus of the college or institute you are studying. It is the college that invites the best companies and companies they have a partnership with to come and interview students to rate their potentials as future employees, make selections and offer jobs and usually salary figures.
This type of college placement lets you as an individual student to seek employment on your own. This time around, students take the effort of going to companies for employment placements although; students may get help from their college placement cell to get contacts with some companies. Many students resort to this type of placement when they are not selected for an on-campus placement.
RUHE Global Resources - Why College Placements Are Beneficial
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Why College Placements Are Beneficial

Work placement enables you to gain experience for your CV together with education. College placements increase your chances to be employed after your course as it is counts as a work experience.
College placements bring about professionals in various fields. By the time students graduate from school, they would already have the knowledge of professionals and will be experts in their field.
During college placements, students get the opportunity to learn a thing or two from people who are already experts and most times well known researchers in the field. They get first hand experiences with professional mentors who guide them to practice.
Most college placements are paid offers; this will give students the opportunity to earn extra means of income while studying. This would go a long way to cater for some of the students’ expenses.
College Placement helps you to practicalise in real life context all that you have learnt theoretically in class. This can be considered as one of the best learning techniques as students are prepared for what is to come during the course of their profession.
By the time students are done with their college placements they would be prepared for a real life practise of their career. Students would already be accustomed to the facilities associated with their field and would have developed skills that are essential to their profession such as communication, team work and problem solving.
Research has shown that placement students often get a better final degree as they are already accustomed with many vital things in their field of study.
College placements furthermore allow students to gain contacts with various people from different environments that are beneficial to their chosen career industry.
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