[Update] Top 8 Easiest Countries For Nigerians To Study

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It is the dream of every Nigerian to study abroad and get a quality education that they cannot get in their country because of poor quality education. That is why millions of Nigerians look for the easiest countries that have a little stressful application process and give every applicant a study visa quickly.

That is why we are going to list the top 8 easiest countries for Nigerians to study in no particular order to choose from and apply for a study visa this year. Read and see the advantages of studying in each country

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Easiest country to study in
Top 8 easiest countries for Nigerians to study

As we all know, Ghana is a country located in western Africa and its capital is Accra. It was formally called the gold coast and uses ghana cedis as its currency.

Ghana is for the most part thought to be perhaps the best destination to study in Africa for various reasons. It isn’t only one of the most appealing schooling locations in Africa yet, in addition, one of the most reasonable when it comes to the cost of living. Ghana is perhaps the most reasonable location to live and study in Africa.

Likewise, the cost of living in Ghana is generally lower than the typical cost of living in western nations. Ghana is one of the easiest countries for Nigerians to study in because it is an English-talking nation and is along these lines simple to adjust to for other foreign English speaking students who need to relocate to study in an English-talking country.


  1. Ghana have good security and great weather conditions
  2. Courses offered in Ghana are internationally recognised
  3. The quality of education is top-notch
  4. The process of getting your visa is easy and straightforward.
  5. Scholarships are offered by the government and various institutions

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Easiest country to study in
Top 8 easiest countries for Nigerians to study in

Schooling in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the opportunity to carry on with a social encounter like no other, in a financially and scholastically flourishing country that will challenge your perspectives and light your feeling of experience.

Abu Dhabi is home to the capital city and is the biggest of the emirates, making up three-fourths of the nation’s landmass, as well as being at the focal point of the UAE’s oil sector and is liable for 33% of its GDP. Dubai has made itself one of the easiest countries for Nigerians to study in because has more population of the UAE and is the country’s most essential business and finance centre, where foreign students will get sufficient chances to expertly improve and get quality education.

The UAE’s advanced education framework takes impact from western advanced education frameworks and it boasts of having probably the best colleges in its region.


  1. Most of your courses are taught in English
  2. Lots of graduate jobs for students
  3. Availability of ten years resident visa for talented students
  4. UAE have the best universities in the world

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Top 8 easiest countries for Nigerians to study in

Lithuania is situated in Northeastern Europe and is the southernmost nation of the Baltic States. It was within the Soviet Union region until 1990 when it became independent.

Lithuania’s population is around 2.8 million people, of which over a portion of 1,000,000 live in the capital Vilnius. Other famous parts of Lithuania are Kaunas, Klaipeda, Palanga and Neringa. Lithuania is part of the European Union (EU) which it joined in 2004.

The reason we put Lithuania as one of the easiest countries for Nigerians to study in is that it offers high-quality education, and good education facilities and in excess of 350 courses are taught in English for foreign students and its the cheapest country to study for Nigerian students to study in. The nation takes education seriously as the education among youthful Lithuanians over 15 years of age is 100%.

In Lithuania, you are been taught in English full-time or part-time. You can show your English language capability through a TOEFL language test. The degrees are presented in three cycles: The undergrad Bachelor’s cycle, the alumni Master’s cycle and the postgraduate Doctorate cycle. Various Lithuanian colleges like Vilnius University and Vytautas Magnus University are among the top universities in the world.


Top 8 easiest countries for Nigerians to study in

Poland is a European country which is located in central Europe and shares a border with the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Germany and Russia.

Poland is perhaps the cheapest European nation for study (PhD certifications are really taught free of charge!) and Polish urban areas like Warsaw and Krakow are among the top study-friendly region, offering an exuberant climate, an extraordinary schooling environment and a low expense of living.

Schooling in Poland is not only for academic reasons but also for the great quality of life accessible therefore it is on our list as one of the easiest countries for Nigerians to start their admission processing study. Poland is also the best country for international students to study and work in.

The country’s economy has developed emphatically throughout recent years. It is present-day, clean, and safe, and offers every one of the social and cultural opportunities accessible somewhere else, however, the cost for most everyday items is still a lot lower than in Western Europe, and foreign students are relocating there to study.


  1. There is a low-cost tuition fee
  2. There is a high quality of education
  3. Poland offers low costs of living without decreasing its quality and standards
  4. The Polish government offers scholarships to international students

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Top 8 easiest countries for Nigerians to study in

South Africa is also known as the Republic of South Africa (RSA), South Africa is located in southern Africa. The nation occupies 1.2 million square kilometres, making it the 25th biggest country on the planet. South Africa’s population is about 58 million and is also called the rainbow country because of the nation’s diversity in so many areas. South Africa is based on its long and complex history, which has affected its viewpoint as a developed country.

There are three types of federal universities in South Africa: traditional universities, which primary focus is on academics; colleges of technology which is also called technikons, and comprehensive colleges, which offer a blend of the two sorts of universities.

The Department of Higher Education and Training is liable for tertiary instruction and professional preparation, including Adult Basic Education and Training


  1. Most courses are very affordable
  2. It has the highest standard of education in Africa
  3. South Africa has great academic programs
  4. The process of getting your study visa is very easy

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Easiest country to study in
Top 8 easiest countries to study in

Everyone in the world knows that Cyprus is divided into northern and southern parts. The northern part is driven by Turkey and is referred to as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and Southern Cyprus is led by Greece and is known as the Republic of Cyprus.

Cyprus is perhaps the biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, which can be found in the south of Turkey. Northern Cyprus is situated on the northeastern side of the island of Cyprus. Albeit the two nations of Northern and Southern Cyprus are on similar islands and associated, their regulations, culture, and even language are not quite the same as one another. Cyprus is one of the countries with an easy study visa process in the world.

Schooling in Cyprus by getting your study visa will be an interesting place for lots of international students and it’s one of the easiest countries for Nigerians to study, with all the well-ranked universities in Cyprus, the expense of studying in Cyprus is likewise very low. Cyprus gives an extraordinary open door to study different courses in various fields like arts, music, clinical, health-related courses and computer science course


  1. Cyprus offers low tuition fee courses and high-quality education
  2. The country has cheap accommodation and attractive facilities
  3. Student visa processing is very straightforward
  4. Students who have a study gap can still get admission easily

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Easiest country to study in
Top 8 easiest countries to study in

Ireland is where you can find some highly ranked universities on the planet. Some of the best areas Irish universities are good at are sciences, technology, economics, and the humanities. Across Ireland, there are two dozen colleges and establishments of innovation to which you can apply to. Getting a bachelor’s or master’s in Ireland is an incredible encounter for any student that wants to develop his or herself professionally, however, the tuition fee in Ireland is more expensive than in most European countries but it is one of the easiest countries for Nigerians to study in. Obviously, the amount you eventually pay will rely upon an incredible number of elements


  1. Get enough access to world-class education
  2. All courses are taught in English
  3. Work and study as a student
  4. There is a low cost of education and living when compared to England
  5. Get 2 years or more post-study visa

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Easiest country to study in
Top 8 easiest countries to study in

UK education sector is one of the most regarded and famous sectors all over the world, and the selection of subjects you can study is broad. A degree from any British college will enhance your CV, and while searching for work in the future, regardless of the sector and the area, having a degree from the UK will be a great factor in why you should be hired. In the event that you have generally longed for going to a respectable college, then relocating to the UK to study will be the first option for you.

A portion of the UK’s most renowned colleges has generally been positioned as the best on the planet. Its capital, London is viewed as the world’s capital city of advanced education with four colleges being the top colleges internationally.

English educational sector is known globally for its imaginative and great conditions, that assist with pushing any kind of students to be their best and UK is one of the top 10 countries that love Nigerians to study in. The standards the Uk educational sector possess has been profoundly respected, with educational specialists on numerous academic courses, and they’re by and large high in world university rankings.


  1. There are lots of highly ranked universities in the Uk
  2. You can get a lot of job offers after graduation
  3. You will be offered three years post-study visa
  4. You can get high-quality education in all universities in the Uk
  5. You can study in the UK without IELTS

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